Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New ride, new season, new outlook for Kurt Busch.

Starting his third season in a row with a new team, Kurt Busch is adept at at change. Kurt Busch rolls into Daytona this week as part of Stewart-Haas Racing, behind the wheel of the #41 Haas Automation Chevy.

How does Busch adadpt to new situations. “Well, it’s a matter of working with the people who are there and learning from past mistakes, as well, and challenging yourself to try different types of motorsports, but then, the people side of it, as well. It’s been great to go through this the last couple years with Phoenix Racing and to have more of an appreciation for how a team is put together and developed and built. And now, with Gene Haas, Stewart, it’s an amazing opportunity that Gene has given me and I’m not going to squander it away. But you can’t put too much pressure on going and winning right away. We have a nice, steady progression that I see us going through, especially this offseason, but from the first race to that 26th race, we need to develop this 41 Chevy into a competitive, championship‑caliber team come September.” Busch said recently.

Regarding the learning progress, Busch said “It’s been great. A group of racers. It’s very easy and clear to understand everybody in all the different departments. Daniel and I are new together, so we have some of the same questions, and he’s been there for many, many years in his system. I’ve been in the garage area at my capacity in my system, so we can compare the two very easily and help each other through this. You’ve got guys like Greg Zipadelli as a competition director and a Matt Borland as the engineering specialist, you’ve got all the top guys in the right spots.”

Busch will take the #41 on the track under the guidance of crew chief Daniel Knost.

Photo Credit: CIA Stock Photography for True Speed Communication

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