Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dillon's top spot at Daytona has fans talking about The Call.

Dillon wraps up his qualifying run. 
In January, Austin Dillon posted the fastest time at Pre-Season Thunder, with a time of 46.128 seconds. Today, Dillon put the #3 RCR Chevy on the pole for the Daytona 500, with a follow up time of 45.914. This represents the third Daytona 500 pole for the #3.

So why am I having  hard time wrapping my head around it? 

Last year, Danica Patrick took the top spot at Daytona. This year, with the return of the #3, Dillon puts it on the point. Last year, Danica's pole smacked of The Call, and the initial reaction, right or wrong, is that Dillon's does too. 

Dillon has been fast at Daytona since January. Dillon is the defending Nationwide Series champion. RCR has a well known Daytona pedigree. This is not really that much of a surprise. It just goes to show you that NASCAR has a credibilty problem.

Dillon was asked about fans reaction
after winning the pole. "You just keep your blinders on, man. Keep trucking. It's a part of it. I think you hear it. There's always going to be an opposite side to every story, and luckily we can come out on top with this one I feel like, and it's so important that RCR and ECR had the front row. All of our cars were fast. That makes it even better. So yeah, it's part of this whole life, what you're doing in NASCAR, and it's fun. That's what creates the buildup and anticipation and creates fan base, and that's what NASCAR is about." Dillon said.

Photo Credit Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

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