Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pete Carroll reflects during media day on time as New England Patriots coach.

(on if he was thinking about getting to the Super Bowl when he left New England) “I never lost sight of what the possible opportunities were. I never had a thought where something like this couldn’t happen. But after getting immersed in the college world, that was everything. That was my whole life, so I lost sight of it a little bit there. But when opportunities came up, I’d revisit the thought and then let it go, because they weren’t right until the situation happened with Seattle. As soon as Seattle, when we came together on this thought coaching there, this resurfaced. We know that we’re where we’re intended to be and we’re excited about being here.”

(on what he learned from Robert Kraft and the Kraft family in working with New England) “I think I learned a lot. I think I learned a lot of things. Robert and his family are a great family to play and coach for. But I also learned what it takes for a person like myself to operate at my highest level and I also realized some limitations that were going on that kept me from being the kind of coach I could be. It allowed me to refocus and formalize some plans that I was able to put in at USC and then at the Seahawks.”

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