Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Belichick talks about San Diego's neutral zone infractions last week and being aggressive.

Last week, the San Diego Chargers has five neutral zone infractions against Denver. Peyton Manning did an outstanding job of drawing the Chargers D-line over. How does Bill Belichick coach up his D-line to succeed when a well disciplined group like the Chargers made the key mistakes?

"First of all, I think you have to give a lot of credit to Denver on that, Manning. They did a great job with the snap count." Belichick said today. "They do a good job mixing it up anyway, but they certainly did a good job of doing some of the things that they had done maybe all year, or certainly for a number of weeks and putting a variation to them. That was very effective. You’re right. San Diego is a good football team. They played them twice already this year, they have a very good understanding of what they’re doing and they got them. We have to be really disciplined, very alert. That’s always been a big part of Peyton’s game, is controlling the defensive front, however he does it with the fake cadence, double cadence, hard counts, so forth. We have to do a great job, be disciplined there. Nobody does it better than them and that’s a big challenge for us to a, not show what we’re doing and be aggressive and not be offside."

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