Monday, July 29, 2013

Tom Brady answers the "impatient" question regarding young receivers.

The list of receivers who've flunked out of Foxboro is a long one. Joey Galloway, Chad OchoCinco, Bethel Johnson, Reche Caldwell, and a host of others have come to New England, only to leave with a big red "F" on their report cards. The rumors have persisted that QB Tom Brady may not have the patience with guys not being able to get on the same page. He addressed that today.

"I don’t want to be a grumpy old guy." Brady said. "I think I understand that there’s a learning curve and there’s a patience. I think you try to let them know though that there’s an urgency about it, so it’s not like you can afford mistakes. We all make them – I make them myself, I make more than anybody. You’re patient with certain things. Mental errors you don’t really want to tolerate and I think those things are always preventable, but they’re going to happen. The physical ones, when you drop a ball, that happens, that’s part of playing. I’m going to miss throws, I’m going to throw interceptions, but I never want to make a wrong read or call a wrong play or snap the ball into a bad look. I think those are the things that the harder you work, typically, the better you get at those things."

Mental errors are preventable. That's an admission that basically says "I won't tolerate guys being dumb."

TB12 added "We have a pretty smart group of guys, so that’s been a real positive. I think hopefully we continue to play smart. We talk about being a smart football team and that’s a team that doesn’t go out and beat itself, a team that plays penalty-free, that takes care of the ball, that makes a smart play on a down-by-down basis. It’s hard to exist in this program if you’re not a smart player."

 No room for dummies or lazy guys. Study or get out.

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