Thursday, May 23, 2013

The reporting of Tom Brady's comments show how absurd the off-season is.

New England Patriots fans don't get much from the players or coaches in regards to real tidbits for what they think. It's all part of The Patriot Way. Team first, stay on script, follow along with the corporate plan, and say nothing to be construed as "bulletin board material". No one is better than this than Tom Brady. (digression: maybe Belichick) Brady understands fully where his place is in the game, both currently and historically. He also understands how the Boston media is, and how every word will be over analyzed on sports radio. That's exactly what happened today.

This morning, TB12 appeared on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show, where he was asked the inevitable Wes Welker question. We was asked about any quid pro quo when it came to his contract restructuring, and how, if at all, it affected the Welker situation. “Those aren’t my demands. I want us to field as competitive a team as we possibly can. And I have all the trust in the world that Mr. [Robert] Kraft and Jonathan [Kraft] and coach [Bill] Belichick will do that. There’s nothing about me, I don’t say that, I’m not general manager, I can’t say, ‘Look, I do this, you do this.’" Brady said. He also stated “Of course I have feelings. But those feelings are very personal to me,” he said. “I used to get caught up in anger and frustration and disappointment. But I don’t make the decisions. These things aren’t up to me. At some point you’ve got to realize the things that are out of your control. You’ve just got to let go and focus on my job and what I need to do. Because the game moves on, the team moves on. There’s only so long you can dwell on the past. At some point you’ve got to move forward."

The post interview analysis focus on Brady's tone and his pauses as he thought about his answers. Whether his voice, pitch and cadence changed. Groan. It just goes to show you how ridiculous the off-season is. Of course the guy is upset his binky and best buddy is now catching passes from Peyton Manning. Of course he's disappointed. How is this possibly newsworthy? It's simply because the sports reporting is at saturation point, and the talking heads have nothing else to talk about. 

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