Sunday, May 5, 2013

David Ragan addresses Brad Keselowski controversy on Talladega win.

mad as hell about that finish. We were suppose to line up 10th when the 34 switched lanes entering 3 before green. That lane won. BS~~ Brad Keselowski on Twitter, following Sunday's race.

Brad Keselowski claims, that race winner David Ragan either lined up wrong on the final restart or changed lanes before the restart.

I'm happy as hell a small team won. Doesn't change the fact that the restart was blatantly wrong.~ Brad Keselowski on twitter.

Naturally, David Ragan was asked about this post race. "We were running 8th when I guess the one to go around the caution time, and NASCAR, I guess it's standard procedure, they always go back through the running order and adjust any cars that need to be adjusted, I guess with film maybe when the caution came out in that back straightaway wreck, and I knew that we were probably a little higher than what we should be because we were running 20th or so when that wreck happened and we made it through, so they adjusted the lineup." Ragan said.

What was order Ragan told on the radio? "The 95, the 2, and then the 34. So NASCAR says that on the radio. They tell the spotters, tell the crew chief, and so the 95 pulls up. Well, obviously Brad wanted to start on the outside, because he knew the same thing that I knew, that the outside lane had an advantage on the restart but he just didn't want to listen to NASCAR. So NASCAR makes the call on where we line up at, and I listen to what NASCAR has to say. My spotter told me that's what they radioed on the NASCAR channel, the crew chief said the same thing, and Brad was just trying to snooker us and get the preferred lane, and eventually he decided he should do the right thing and he restarted ninth and I restarted 10th, so there's no controversy. But I'm glad you got that out because I had that already prepared. I was ready to talk about it. I was mad going down the back straightaway and I was screaming at my spotter and at Jay, somebody please get NASCAR, maybe the 2's radio wasn't working and Brad didn't know. Sometimes you don't get that message relayed. It's been wet, sometimes the radios have issues when it rains. I thought maybe the 2 didn't know, but I'm sure he knew and he was trying to play it smooth." Ragan said.

No official word as of yet from NASCAR.

I'm getting off twitter for the night. Some people just can't handle facts... Watch full incar camera replays and judge for yourself guys~ Brad Keselowski


  1. s long as Jimmy "the cheater" Johnson didn't get another gimme' win it is all good:}

    1. Anonymous, Jimmy and his crew chief paid their price, now get over it already! You're probably one of those persons who hold a grudge for life!!!!

  2. Dear Anonymous, or is it Chad or Jimmy. There is no way he could win 5 championships in a row without cheating. And if you are a fan, or not, or if you are Jimmy or Chad, do you remember the one night that Chad (if you are Chad or Jimmy) when he called JJ over the radio and told him if he won the race to make sure he wrecked the back of the car by backing it into the wall?? If this is so open and honest, why doesn't Mr. Hendricks find out the secret and make all of his teams the same so they can dominate the field??? Answer that Anonymous! I'm not afraid to post who I am.

  3. Why does Chevy dominate Nascar? It could be that most fans are Chevy fans. If you have watched Nascar for many (45) years you will understand that Nascar (since #3) started winning has had an unusual proclivity to have Chevy champions. Why do the other manufactures stay in Nascar? It's the money stupid! If you are an announcer for TV you better not point out the obvious or you may not have to go to work the next race. Millionaire drivers and owners and crew chiefs etc. are not about to defecate on their incomes.


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