Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smoke on Richmond: it is my favorite track.

Tony Stewart will sport the
Rush Truck Center colors this weekend. 
NASCAR was born on short tracks. Martinsville, Bristol, and Richmond are all that is left of that heritage. Richmond may not have the tenure of Martinsville or the prestige of Bristol, it does have it's fans. When it comes to NASCAR, Richmond may be the best track on the circuit. But don't take our word for it.

“It’s not one of my favorite tracks, it is my favorite track." Tony Stewart said recently. "It’s the perfect-sized track for a Cup race. The other short tracks we run – Bristol and Martinsville – they’re cool in their own right, but there’s a lot of congestion at those two tracks. But at Richmond, it just seems like that extra quarter-mile, and that three-quarter-mile shape, and how wide the groove gets there, allows for good racing. It seems like we have to race ourselves and race the racetrack versus racing each other a lot of times. You do have to race each other, obviously, but there are a lot of times during the race when you have the flexibility to move around on the racetrack and try to find a spot your car likes better than somewhere else. A lot of times on a short track you don’t have the flexibility. You’re more narrowed down with what groove you’re going to be in. It is literally the favorite track of mine on the circuit.”

Smoke notched his first career win at the Virginia short track, all the way back in 1999. He's got three Sprint Cup wins at the D-shaped oval. So what does it take to be successful at Richmond? “As much as you’re racing everybody else, you have to race the racetrack. It just seems like a place where if you can get the balance right it makes it an extremely fun day. With the two ends of the track being different like they are, it seems like you’re always fighting something, but that’s what always makes the racing good, too. You never really get anybody who gets their car perfect. Even the guy that gets the lead still isn’t happy with his car. So, it’s really trying to find that balance and trying to figure out how to balance both ends of the track together.” Stewart said.

Steve Addington has new chassis #14-792 ready to turn it's first laps for the Stewart-Haas team.


  1. come on Tony....enter your sprint car in a cup race & get a win.

  2. till now, the way your year is going you may end up not liking it.

  3. Tony, your still my favorite driver regardless. Everyone has
    good seasons and then someone else has theirs. I am always
    rooting for you win or lose. Serve with Fire & SMOKE.....

  4. Smoke can you trade addington to Gibbs for Grubb?

  5. Smoke get your Pitt crew off there butts and pick there time up you get killed on Pitt road.I know you are a great race car driver sometimes people need a wake up call to get them back on there game.yall r better than this and you no it so let's race.only hard work will get you and your team and fans back up front.thank a fan of yours.go smoke

  6. grub would hopefully give smoke the one finger salute the ungrateful bastard


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