Monday, March 25, 2013

Kyle Busch comments on Logano/Hamlin last lap wreck.

Kyle Busch celebrates his last lap win
With all the wrecking cars, fisticuffs, flying water bottles and profanity laced post race interviews, everyone might forget this one fact: Kyle Busch won the race on a last lap pass.

What did #18 see out his windshield? "It's hard racing, but it's also dirty sometimes, but you are going for the win. So it's nothing I'm sure other people wouldn't do to me. It's just a product of -- I guess clean racing is when you're just running each other hard and you're separated down the straightaways, you're trying not to slow each other down and bring the third car back there into the fray. But it looked like there through 3 and 4 that Joey went to the bottom but didn't quite get all the way down there and knew that Denny was going to have the run on the outside and slid up a little bit. I'm not sure if he lost his front end or not, but they got together a little bit, and then it turned Denny sideways and then somehow Joey got into the fence, too. But that's just from the minimal replays I've seen." Busch said. He later joked "I did win the race today, by the way, so that might be a story. But I'm sure it's not."

Rowdy added "But man, I'm shocked for just everything that was going on there and how hard they were running. I mean, they both were trying to win the race, of course. But you know, all I kept thinking was, as I was commentating from the TV booth about the whole deal, I'm like, they're forgetting the third place car. They have no clue that I'm coming, they have no clue, they're just racing each other. I'm like, surely the spotter has got to say something. I mean, where are these guys? And saying, you know, hey, block the top, the 18 has got a run or something. But they were so focused in on one another that they just left the door open."

"That does happen sometimes, and you know when else that happened was two years ago here with myself and Jimmie were running each other really, really hard towards the end of the race, and boom, Harvick snuck through and beat us both. That happens here sometimes in California. I mean, we put on some wild races. I mean, there are some maybe, quote-unquote, dull moments through the middles, but I'll tell you, there was some really hard racing today, some good racing. I felt like the 22 and I put on a great show for the lead most of the day. And of course there at the end there's one hell of a battle through 3 and 4 and then again on pit road another battle after the race. But that's part of racing sometimes. That's what this sport was built on. Just ask Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison."

Photo Credit:Tom Pennington/NASCAR via Getty Image

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  1. I've always been a chevy fan but I think Kyle Busch is the best driver out there no matter what he drives........PROPS to no. 18


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