Sunday, January 20, 2013

What do the Patriots need to do to get better?

Ok, so the game's been over for about 30 minutes, so at first blush, what do the Pats need to do to get over the hump? What do they do to improve? Who stays, who goes? The long off-season begins now. Here's a first look at what needs to happen.

  • Replace Welker. Wes Welker has likely played his last down for the New England Patriots. Fans can hope that there's a handshake deal, or perhaps they'll surprise us and franchise him. CSSNE's Troy Brown said he won't get franchised. The feeling here is that the Foxboro staff has "slotted" X number of dollars for that position, and they can get a higher percentage of Welker's production for less money. This will allow them to go in a different direction with money, perhaps on defense. FVP thinks they need to sign him, but the wager here is that he's gone. 
  • Get Healthy. Seems that Aquib Talib spent as much time hurt as he did healthy. With the repeated loss of Talib, one has to wonder if conditioning is an issue. Rob Gronkowski was clearly missed, regardless of what the record was going in tonight. He's a strong blocker and a physical presence in the run game. He certainly would have made a difference in the red zone tonight. 
  • Get Big, Get Physical at WR. Clearly, Bill Belichick recognizes the fact that the TE's in New England are a a mismatch for most teams. If you look at the team that beat NE, they have large, playmaking, tough guys at WR. Boldin and Smith tonight. Plaxico Burress killed them in NY. Brando Lloyd is a nice player, but he's not a game changer outside, and he's not the kind of guy to punish DB's. Have to figure that Deion Branch has played his last down for New England, again. 
  • Get Tougher. That Pats got manhandled tonight. Out toughed. Other than the nice hit Jerod Mayo laid on Dennis Pitta, where's the big signature hit? Brandon Spikes played with a lot of swagger early in the year, but where was he for the last two weeks? There's no fear coming across the middle against the Pats, there's no big hitting safety to lay receivers out when they run a 12-20 yard in cut. Public Enemy #1 Bernard Pollard laid yet another big hit on New England. That Pats need a big hitter back there. Bu-bye, Patrick Chung. Bill Belichick will likely make a run at Ed Reed once the Ravens dispatch the 49ers next week. 
  • Pass Rush still an issue. Chandler Jones hit the rookie wall earlier this season. He'll be back. The Pats brain trust need to get a book end pass rusher for the other side and free up Jones.


  1. Sunday Tom Brady played like he didn't want to win the game i wonder if that game was fixed because the way Tom Brady was playing

    1. its ray lewis last year..Heres some more examples of great players in their last year winning the superbowl...the bus won it over the seahawks in his hometown of detriot, when we all clearly saw the big ben on the ground reach out for the touchdown. Strahans last year beating the 18-0 pats to claim his superbowl. Now its rays last year and I strongly believe that the ravens will win the superbowl because of this.


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