Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ed Reed backs off Bill Belichick comments

You knew it was coming, right? You just knew Ed Reed wasn't going to continue to blow kisses to Bill Belichick from New Orleans as Reed and his mates get ready for Super Bowl XLVII. Today, the Baltimore Ravens safety backed off his comments earlier in the week.

“The bad part about this is that you all ask the question, but don’t write down everything that someone says." Reed said today.  People only get a part of what the comment was. I don’t have to say much about that. My heart is in Baltimore. The question is, ‘Would I play for Bill Belicheck?’ Yes. What football player wouldn’t play for Coach Belicheck? Will I be in New England? Most likely not. It’s just terrible that people get half of the story, and it’s even (worse) when you hear the comments that they make toward you, but it comes with it.”

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