Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brady on JJ Watt: He’s as good as anyone playing in the game

If The Houston Texans are going to advance to the AFC Championship, JJ Watt is going to be a key player that helps makes that happen. Tom Brady recognizes this as well. He spoke of Watt's abilities today in his conference call to the Houston media.

“Yeah, he’s an incredible player." Brady said. "He’s had another great season. What he does in both the run game and the pass game – the passes defensed is an amazing statistic. You have to know where he’s at on every single play because he’s so disruptive with tackles for loss and his penetration of the backfield. He gets to the quarterback. He led the league in sacks. He’s as good as anyone playing in the game and we know how challenging it is to play against him. We have our work cut out for us.”

Brady also spoke of how the Patriots worked on Watt's ability to break up passes by using brooms on the D-line to simulate Watt's giant radius. “Yeah, there’s been some of that this week. Coach (Bill) Belichick always really challenges us in different ways. He finds strengths of the other team and then really tries to emphasize it with our team. That’s been one of the things, and like I said, the passes defensed, and just to get into our mind that they’re a very active group up front that defends a lot of passes, certainly, not only over the middle but in all parts of the field. There’s no team better in the League at it than the Texans.” Brady said.

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