Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Patriots put Stallworth on IR, release Shiancoe

Well, that lasted long. The New England Patriots put WR Donte Stallworth on IR today, with a season ending ankle injury. One reception, 63 yards, for one TD. The Flying Elvii also released TE Visanthe Shiancoe.

Stallworth was unable to answer the bell last night for the final 25 minutes of the game, limited the Patriots formations, unable to go with a 3 WR package. Albert Breer reported that Stallworth suffered a high ankle sprain.

The 32 yr. old Shiancoe came back from IR on Nov. 10. He played in four games, and was inactive for one. From the offices of FVP, it looks like a wasted roster spot.

The interwebs were abuzz about the possible return of Deion Branch.

Bill Belichick said of Stallworth today; "There was a big advantage for him and us that he'd been here through training camp and at least had a good familiarity with our terminology, background, system, kind of the adjustments that we make in the passing game on different routes and things like that. That definitely helped him and he jumped in and we used him in some of our three-receiver personnel groups there. It's a great play that we had there. Tom [Brady] saw the coverage where they came down and doubled Wes [Welker] and Stallworth was able to run through and split the defense. Tom saw him and put the ball right there and he broke a tackle with [Brandon] Harris. That was a huge play in the game for us. Donté is always in good shape, works hard, dependable player that got an opportunity, stepped up and made it happen. I think that's kind of what sometimes football is about, but certainly it's what football at this time of year is about. It's getting opportunities and taking advantage of them and making them count. They don't always come in bunches. Sometimes you get just a couple and you have to make those count and he sure did." Belichick said today.

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