Monday, December 17, 2012

FVP All-Stars: Year in review

Here's some of our fav's from 2012. We hope you guys'll agree. These gals are working hard to get noticed. Click on 'em and follow them. They need your support!

Madeline is a two time all-star here at FVP. She's a fan of KFC, Chinese food, ice cream sandwiches, and pizza, although you'd never know it to look at her. 

Crystal Marie might be the hottest thing on two legs. You can bet your backside you wont find a hotter gator rasslin', bow huntin', four wheelin' chick in your travels. 

Amanda Marie is another outdoors gal. She digs Peyton Manning and Tony Stewart. Well, we agree on one. 

Heather is into horror flicks, guns, and vid games. C'mon. really? She's one of us! 

Brooklynn is another two time all-star here at FVP. The SoCal gal is an LA based model and actress. 

Leeanne Marie is one of many Philly based girls we've featured. She has been a Bud Light Fantasy Girl and appeared in the largest Eagles football fan calendar, Green Legion. 

Jessica is on her second tour of duty here at FVP. She's also a newlywed and a new mom (again). She's great, and she's got a HUGE fan base on the interwebs. Gotta love JessNation! 

Victoria Lyn says "I'm a country girl, I don't mind getting dirty." Seems she knows what we like here at FVP. 

There's a couple things we like about Monica. Can't remember what they were at the moment. 

Christina Marie is one of those hot jock chicks you had a crush on in high school, but you never had the balls to talk to her. Now, she's an all-star. Good luck, boys. 

What can we tell you about our first love, Nicole Michelle? ummmm...She's hot? She reads FVP? 

San Diego native Brittanie looks good in a crocheted bikini. That is all.  

Andrea Eve, wrestling chick. You read that right. 

Brit is buddies with Jess and Nicole. So...close your could happen. Nah, never mind. 

The world is a better place because Kourtney Reppert is in it. She started an anti bullying movement earlier in the year. She makes a difference. 

Ashley stars in zombie movies. So, that makers her cool on that fact alone. 

Tehmeena is another referral from Nicole Michelle. Yeah, there's a pattern to that. 

Best quote ever:  "Don't let the big boobs and blonde hair fool you. I am walking contradiction." That's why we love Kiley

Nicole Michelle says "Dannielle needs to be an all-star." Yes ma'am. 

We've got a thing for curvy tattoo'd girls. Cami meets our criteria

Yael's people asked us if we'd feature her again. You bet. 

Nadia is Russian born, UNLV schooled. Talk about an interesting mix. 

Lara's one of our most popular FVP girls of 2012. Can't figure out why. 

Our first food critic, Sara, out of the Miami area. 

Eliza, more tattoo'd and curvy for our FVP readers. 

Bre Marie's friends with Jess. Makes her more than ok in our book. 

Amy Louise has us captivated. Amazing. 

Ashton is a fitness model who's been very busy of late. 

Crystal is our most recent All-Star. She looks great on the beach. 


  1. Jessica Jones is amazing. 10/10 and from head-to-toe the sexiest woman ive ever met. I wanna do naughty things to her but I can't cross that line...

    1. thank you bunches.... Jess

  2. Oh no you don't want me to let her rip, I'll get kicked off You all look fantastic, keep up the great work, looking forward to a great 2013. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

  3. Jess is the best. Beautiful and a true sweetheart. Love ya Jess

  4. Jessica Jones is the bomb she's a total sweetheart and a great friend and person to get to know. Love Jessica Jones

  5. Gotta love Jessica Jones! She's every bit as sweet as she is beautiful!


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