Thursday, November 22, 2012

Keselowski has no regrets from his notorious Sportscenter appearance

Say what you will, the 2013 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski is not fake. He's not about to change just because everyone is watching now. Keselowski was asked recently if he had any regrets following his now "slightly buzzed" infamous appearance on the four letter network.

"I think everybody faces their criticism no matter what you do. You're never going to get all of the people to like something that you do. It's not possible. Someone's always going to dislike something you do, and you have to roll that off your shoulders and move on. But if you're true to yourself in the long run, those things will work themselves out. I had fun and I wanted to show that fun and enjoy it with others. I'm more thrilled that people enjoyed than I am disappointed to questioning my path because someone else didn't like it." Keselowski said.

On a follow up, Keselowski was asked if he thought maybe it didn't go well, or if he didn't like the way it looked. "It looked like a guy that was having fun which is what I was having. I'm proud of that moment. I'm proud to be a Sprint Cup champion." the new champ said.

Some of the mainstream media will no doubt do some hand-wringing and chastise the young champion for his lack of professionalism. Not here at FVP. Gotta love the guy enjoying the moment, being young, and being true to who he is. He may be just the champion the sport needs to move away from the antiseptic "God, team, sponsor" talking heads that seem to populate the garage in the upper levels of NASCAR. 

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