Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Belichick on Andrew Luck: He’s playing like a very experienced and poised player

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had his usual mid week conference call today, as well as his mid-week presser. One of the topics that came up was the play of Indianapolis Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck. Predictably, The Hoodie praised Luck's play thus far in the 2012 season.

"It looks like he’s getting better every week, playing with more and more confidence." Belichick said today. "He’s got a great core of receivers, tight end targets to throw it to. He shows a lot of poise to make all those throws. Very athletic in the pocket, scramble to run, can buy more time in the pocket to throw the ball down the field. He’s playing like a very experienced and poised player."

The Hoodie said earlier in the day "Luck has done a good job for them. Like I said, I think he’s gotten better each week. He does a real good job of avoiding the rush but also keeping his eyes downfield and not just pulling the ball down and trying to run or kind of panicking in the pocket but he has a lot of poise. He can dodge those bullets and at the same time keep his eyes downfield and find open receivers when they uncover later in the pattern and hit them. He’s made a lot of those plays."

When asked about Luck's ability to make things happen with his feet, Belichick praised the rookie. "He’s a terrific athlete. This guy can really run; he’s fast. There’s no question about his athletic ability and running skill. He’s probably as fast as anybody we’ve played. We’ve played a couple guys that can run, but I’d put him right up there with them. He can cover a lot of ground; he’s very athletic." Belichick said.

The Pats head coach was also asked if there any plays that he's seen where they are trying to get Luck involved with his feet. "Yeah," Hoodie answered. "I think that’s probably become a little bit, I wouldn’t say featured but they’ve probably used more of those plays where he rolls out or not necessarily unprotected but moving pocket type plays where he can extend the play a little bit, get outside and change the rush angle for the defenders and that kind of thing. Yeah, I think they’re doing a little bit more of that, more so than let’s say [Ben] Roethlisberger in the same offense. You didn’t see Pittsburgh doing a lot of that with him. I would say they didn’t start out doing a lot of that. Those plays just developed and he did them on his own or the play just developed that way. I think they’ve shown that they’ve, I would say they’ve designed some plays to get him on the move a little bit and that’s effective because it does, it changes the angles for the rushers and gets him out there where he’s tough in space."

The Pats/Colts kick off Sunday at 4:25pm.

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