Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bill Belichick channels his inner Iverson, talks about practice.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gave his best Allen Iverson impression Monday when he touched on a rumors of a poor practice week might have led up to a poor performance by the Flying Elvii Sunday.

"I don’t know, you would have to ask them that. I think practice is practice. Practice never goes perfectly. That’s what practice is for: you work on new things, you work on things that the team you’re playing is doing and you correct those and sometimes you get a chance to run those plays again in practice but usually you really don’t. We just don’t have that many plays by the time you get in all the situation ways – third down, red area, goal-line, short yardage, all the special teams things, second-and-long, second-and-short, all that, you just don’t have time to go back and repeat everything three and four times. There are corrections on every play; that’s what we practice for." the Hoodie said.

Media members also asked about Dan Connolly's status, which brought about this tidbit:  "He was active for the game yesterday, so we’ll take him day-to-day. We’re not practicing today, won’t be practicing tomorrow so we’ll see how things are Wednesday. He wasn’t able to practice last Wednesday; we’ll see where things are at this week."

So for those of you keeping "practice" score, Iverson 20, Belichick 9.

On another front, The Hoodie did not put to bed any speculated Wes Welker slights. He was asked if Wes was behind in offensive terminology due to missing time for a death in the family. Belichick gave his usual non-answer answer. "You’d have to ask him about that, I don’t know. I don’t know what terminology you’d be referring to. Wes has a lot of experienced around here. I think he’s one of our smartest and obviously most experienced players. I don’t really see him behind." the Mad Scientist stated.

Regarding Aaron Hernandez' injury, Belichick gave a standard Monday answer:  "I don’t really have any update on his status yet, I think they’re still looking at him."

It's pretty basic stuff, gang. You ask Belichick how someone feels, you get a "go ask him" response. You ask him about injuries on Monday, you get a "don't have an update" answer. When the injury report comes out on Wednesday, you'll get a "he's probable/questionable/doubtful/day-to-day". It is what it is. 

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