Monday, September 24, 2012

Belichick grabs official (VIDEO), Brandon Spikes takes it to Twitter

Sigh. The Patriots are no different than anyone else. Head coach Bill Belichick is human after all, and finally showed some emotion after the Sunday night's loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately, The Hoodie was wrong in what he did, and most assuredly with face fines and/or a reprimand from the NFL. If you missed it, The Hooded One grabbed an official after the game Sunday, which can be seen below.
This is obviously a big no-no, and Belichick knows better. Given his history with the league, it seems a layup to FVP that The Hoodie will be a little lighter in the pocket this week.

As far as Spikes goes, he took his bitching to the Twitterverse, where he tweeted this gem, seen tot he left.  Awesome! I would wager this will cost him some cake too.

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