Monday, September 10, 2012

Belichick compliments rookies Hightower and Jones after week one win.

Bill Belichick is not one prone to hyperbole. He rarely, if ever, compliments rookies. Not so after the week one victory by New England over the Tennessee Titans. He even went so far to say that first round picks Dont'a Hightower and Chandler Jones did a good job.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

"I’d say that Dont’a has a lot of responsibility at his position, relative to formations and adjustments, pass coverage, run responsibilities and all that." Hoodie stated today. "He did a lot of those things at Alabama and played a couple different spots at Alabama in their defense, which has some similarities to what we do. I think he was very well-coached and schooled when he got here. He’s a smart guy. He’s picking things up pretty well. Chandler, less experienced but probably less variables at his position, although there are still plenty of them, but probably not to the degree that Dont’a has a regular and nickel linebacker and all those kind of things. Both players have done a reasonably good job of that. They’re both smart, they’ve worked hard and they’ve both been out there. They’ve both gotten a lot of reps on the field. That’s always good way to learn, is to experience it and go through it, make a mistake, correct it, go out there, do it again and get it right. There’s a lot to be said for that and those guys, really a lot of our young players have had an opportunity to do that – they’ve been on the field, they’ve practiced, they’ve made mistakes, they’ve gone back out and done them right the next time and been able to move onto something else. That’s been a positive. Those two guys, they’ve done a good job."

Chandler Jones recorded 5 tackles, 3 solo, and 1 sack. His forced fumble resulted in the first career TD for Hightower, who also had 5 tackles with 4 solo and the aforementioned fumble recovery for the TD. All in all, a pretty good debut for the pair rookies.

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