Monday, June 18, 2012

Smoke sarcastic after Earhardt's win at Michigan

Tony Stewart, sarcastic after someione else wins a NASCAR race? Say it ain't so? Riling up Junior Nation? Doubt it.

After Dale Earnhardt Jr. broke his four year winless streak, Tony Stewart was a little miffed to be anwering questions about the #88's win. "No different to anybody else that does it. It's not a national holiday, guys. This morning, they were celebrating his fourth anniversary of his last win, so I guess we are all in a state of mourning now because he's broke that streak now, so I don't know what we are all supposed to think." Smoke said Sunday.

Junior was a little more forgiving than some of his fans. "For me it is. I'm sure his running second for me won't be a holiday, either. It feels good to win, and I'll enjoy it, and in a day or two, I'll be thirsty for the next one." Earnhardt Jr. said.

He added about his team owner not being present "Rick, I told him he should have a good excuse for not being there. He better be on a boat somewhere in the Keys or something. But he said he was at home but they were thrilled to death, and you know, so I know that no matter where he was, he enjoyed this. I told him that I had to thank him for sticking with me and getting me back to victory lane and he went through hell and high water to make it happen and he should enjoy, enjoy the win."

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