Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kurt Busch hates his job

Dear Kurt Busch, 

Here at FVP, we've got an idea. Seems you have a problem with anger. Your latest incident at Dover with Bob Pockrass has gotten you suspended. You seem to be unable to shut your mouth. FVP is of the opinion that you should just have a statement ready, so the next time you run your yap, you can just cut and paste the names and location to fit the time, date, and people involved. To wit, here's such a statement: 
I accept NASCAR’s decision to suspend me, again, following my incident at ________ Speedway with _________ this past weekend. I put NASCAR in a box, again,  they had to take action and it’s my fault for putting them in this position. I apologize for the comments I made to _______.
We hope this helps you in your quest to gain respect, and most importantly, a quality ride not only in the Sprint Cup Series, but Nationwide, Trucks, Arca, and any other series foolish enough to take a shot on you. We hope this saves you some time drafting statements in the future, as no doubt, this will happen again. 


Ok, enough of that.

Kurt Busch has a problem. In case you missed it , here's his incident with Bob Pockrass, that has gotten him suspended.

Here's his rant over the radio at Darlington, after which race he was placed on probation. The "I hate my bleeping job" is here.

More, from Vegas, ranting and whining. Check out Jimmy Spencer after.

This is a guy who clearly has an anger issue, no doubt. He got himself fired from a primo ride with Roger Penske, only to end up with a second tier ride with James Finch and Phoenix Racing. Now, based on reports, he should be typing his resume. It's a damn shame, because the guy can drive. Unfortunately, he seems to be feeling the pressure of trying to return to the top of the sport. Now, he's a pariah for sponsors, and that's quite literally what makes the wheels turn in NASCAR.

So much for bringing back the fun to racing. At least Jimmy Spencer is having fun.

One more P.S. to our little letter: Bro, get some help.

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