Monday, June 4, 2012

Boston Bruins: drama queen Tim Thomas, Bruins part ways

Tim Thomas in net vs. Tampa

Fans of the Boston Bruins knew this day would get here eventually…when 2011 Stanley Cup-winning and two-time Vezina Trophy-winning goalie Tim Thomas come to the end of the line. But no one would have predicted this. For those engaged in summertime pursuits since the Washington Capitals send the Bruins to an early summer back in April, puckstopper Thomas took to his Facebook page to announce he will sit out next season. Tim-may says it is time to rededicate himself to “family, friends, and faith.” There have been some media reports of illness in Thomas’ family as well.

The Bin is baffled. No issue with Thomas or any other athlete putting family first and calling it a career. But Thomas is not saying he will retire, just that he will sit out a season. Tim…if you don’t feel up to playing next season, announce your retirement, the Black-and-Gold with throw you a party, and move on. By not retiring, Thomas forces the B’s to suspend him and still have to deal with his cap hit. If he retires, the contract is terminated by mutual consent and done.

What exactly is going on here? Is this a ploy to get a bigger deal? Seems Thomas’ contract is still pretty lucrative for a goalie, especially one his age. Don’t forget, Thomas is 38. It would be next to impossible to come back at the level of play required of an NHL goalie at that age. Does Tim think someone in the Bruins’ front office dissed him? The Bin hasn’t seen it.

Thomas’ career arc, style of play, and personality have never been conventional. It appears this episode is just one more example of that. The Bin defended Thomas when the goalie refused to appear with his teammates at the White House because the netminder did not agree with President Obama’s policies. But this latest episode is indefensible. Tim…announce your retirement and hang ‘em up. Enough of the drama queen act. It’s Tuukka Time. The Bin finds it incredibly sad the Thomas era has to end this way.

In other off-season B’s news, Chiarelli and Co. continue negotiating with forward Chris Kelly, who is a free agent. Sign him. Solid player and person. Drama-free. Same with Benoit Pouliot. It took Big Ben a few months to find his stride, but when he did he brought a lot to the table.

The B’s have already signed Daniel Paille and traded the underperforming Zach Hamill to Washington for Chris (Son of Raymond) Bourque. Bourque then signed a two-year deal. Chris is not his dad in any way, shape, or form, but should develop into a solid two-way forward.
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  1. It's seems there are a lot of ungrateful Bruins fans out there. He did his job, he brought the cup back to us. As for not going with his teammates to the White House, ask yourself this question "How many of the Bruin who went to the White House were born and raised in the US?". Personally there have only been maybe 3 presidents I would have wanted to meet and they wouldn't have been either of the last two.


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