Monday, January 23, 2012

Boston Bruins: First In The East

The Boston Bruins sit atop the Eastern Conference (well, tied with the Rangers) after wins at Florida, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, and losses at Tampa and at home to the New York Rangers. The loss to the Broadway Blueshirts was a heartbreaker, with Marian Gaborik sliding one past Tuukka Rask with four seconds left in the OT.

But the big news in Bruins Nation was today’s visit to the White House. The B’s were at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to take a tour and meet President Obama, who honored the team for the 2011 Stanley Cup win. That is…all but Tim Thomas. No. 30 later issued a statement saying his failure to appear was for political reasons and he elected not to participate. In Timmay’s words, “this was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.”

The Bin’s take: based on what we know right now, nothing to see here. While it appears from his statement that he is somewhere to the right of Curt Schilling politically, that is Thomas’ prerogative and so be it. While the Bin fundamentally disagrees with Thomas on politics, TT has every right to express his opinion. What is concerning…and frankly, we don’t know much about yet…is how this came about. If Timmay found out about the White House trip, went to team management and asked to stay home in a fairly low-key way, fine. If he sprung this on his teammates as a headline grabber, that’s a serious problem. It appears Thomas released the statement afterward based on the public reaction to his absence. Fair enough.

Hopefully his teammates knew what was up and this won’t affect team chemistry going forward.

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  1. I always loved TT for being a Bruin, now i love him for standing up for his values. Sorry Bin, i side with Thomas on this one. The site of a B's jersy with O's name on the back made me physically ill. In the interest of full disclosure, i have NEVER liked it when any President makes a photo op out of a sports team winning a championship, but then, i don't have much of an opinion when it comes to politicians, so that's no surprise.

    As for team chemistry, don't sweat it. I think the respect the entire team and coaching staff has for Tim will only be enhanced by his honesty and sincerity concerning this matter. Now, if the rest of the country could be so bold come this November we all might be winners once again... i cautiously hope for a change...


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