Sunday, December 11, 2011

God Must Be On Tebow's Side, The Blessed One Leads Denver to Win

It's unbelievable, really. The Denver Broncos improbable run continues, as they come back from 10 points down to defeat the Chicago Bears, 13-10 in OT. Tim Tebow was perfect on the final touchdown drive. One has to wonder if God is really on Tebow's side.

With 4:34 left, Tim Tebow took the ball, and promptly marched the Bronco offense down the field, going seven for seven on the drive, after having 11 straight incompletions in the game. He hit Demaryius Thomas in the corner of the end zone to make it 10-7 after the extra point.

Denver attempted an onside kick, which was recovered by Chicago. Denver had no hope of stopping the clock, having used all of their time outs. Chicago could have sealed the win with a first down. Three runs and a punt could have made life very difficult. Instead, Chicago running back Marion Barber ran out of bounds on second and ten with 1:55 left. Denver stopped Chicago on third down, and was forced to punt.

Tebow took the ball just inside his own 20 yard line with :56 to pay. (remember, no time outs.) He hit Eric Decker on first down for eight yards, with Decker stepping out of bounds with :47 to go. On second and two, Tebow hit Lance Ball, who ran to his 40 yard line for the first down. Tebow clocked the ball on first down with :30 to go. On second down, facing a four man Chicago rush, Tebow hit Matt Willis at midfield, who stepped out at the Chicago 41, stopping the clock with :20 to go. On first down, Tebow threw incomplete to Thomas, with good coverage by Chicago's Tim Jennings. Tebow threw another incompletion on second down, and then ran out of bounds at the Chicago 40 yard line. Kicker Matt Prater calmly nailed a 59 yarder to tie the game. Chicago was no doubt stunned, as they had Denver in a fairly unwinnable situation. Marion Barber's gaff left Denver with just enough clock to get Prater into position to match his career high longest kick.

If that wasn't bad enough, it was Barber who gave the ball back to Denver in OT as Chicago looked to be driving. On third and seven from the Denver 38 yard line, Barber burst through the Denver line and looked to be about to break off a long run. Just as he was about to shift gears, Barber was stripped by Wesley Woodyard, who grabbed Barber by the thumb. Elvis Dumervil recovered for Denver, handing the ball to The Blessed One at the 34 yard line.

The key play of Denver's winning driver came on second and 12, with Tebow hitting Thomas for 16 yards, moving into Chicago territory. Tebow advanced the ball to the Chicago 33 on back to back running plays, before yielding to Prater, who was good, natch, from 51 yards.

3 for16 and 18 for 24. Key numbers for Tebow. Tebow was 3 for 16 passing for the first three quarters, 18 for 24 in the fourth and OT. Pretty impressive numbers in crunch time. It did appear that Chicago was in some sort of prevent-hybrid, with safeties 20 yards deep at times on the final touchdown drive. Certainly, only up by 10 points, one of the the problems with prevent D is it can prevent you from winning. What would seem a logical choice, up by 10, would be to stay in a base defense, one that has kept Tebow 3 for 16. Apply pressure and force his reads much faster, where he is likely to make mistakes.

The Patriots will be next on the Tim Tebow parade. Look for the prayers for Tebow to increase.

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