Friday, February 4, 2011

Patriots Owner Bob Kraft: Get The Lawyers Out Of The Way

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft appeared on NFL Network, where he basically said the lawyers should get out of the way and let the business people get the CBA done.

"We could get a deal done in the next week if business people sat down on both sides and we tried to get the lawyers in the background,” Kraft said.

“We just had a situation where we were sued that we didn’t get enough money from the networks,” Kraft continued. “I know as chair of the Broadcast Committee, I worked with the committee and the Commissioner, we generated revenue at a very serious time in our country and extended contracts. We were just sued that we didn’t do a good enough job. The players wind up paying $15 million in legal fees for something that is nonsensical. We have got to stop this legal maneuvering and get business negotiations going on. If we do, I’m confident we can close a deal.”

The question is, is either side done maneuvering and posturing. If the lawyers can milk $15m for "something nonsensical", then there is no way they are going to step aside and let a deal get done in a week.

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