Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moss Departure Signals Return To The Patriot Way.

For the better part of three seasons, Randy Moss has been a New England Patriot. During that time, Moss has been exemplary. Check the following highlights:
    The Randy Moss Era in Foxboro is over.
  • In 2007, Moss caught an NFL-record 23 touchdown passes, surpassing Jerry Rice's previous record of 22 in 1987.
  • Moss set a Patriots franchise record with 1,493 receiving yards in 2007, topping Stanley Morgan's previous mark of 1,491 yards in 1986.
  • On Nov. 18, 2007, Moss caught four touchdown passes against Buffalo, setting a new career high and a new team record for most scoring catches in a game.
  • Moss was named to the Associated Press All-Pro Team following the 2007 season.
  • Moss had 3904 yards with 50 Td's on 259 receptions while in New England.

Randy Moss was brought here in 2007 as one of the final pieces on a team that had come up just short against the Colts in the AFC Championship following the 2006 season. He was to be the juice that the Pats needed in order to get over the hump from the previous season. He, together with Welker, were the final players needed to turn the Pats into an juggernaut. The Patriots of 2007 still had a formidable championship level defense, and with the addition of Moss, they would have the offense that would put up historic numbers. As we know, it almost worked.

After 2007, Moss' outstanding performance was rewarded with a three year deal. From the outside, Moss seemed to be a model citizen. He was a leader in 2008 when Brady went down, as well as 2009. Things changed in 2010, as he was not named team captain, as he squawked about contract extensions. His production dropped in the first four games of this season, only catching nine passes. It had become all about him. It was time for him to go, with a team full of impressionable young players who would undoubtedly listen to a future hall of famer. In short, Moss is not Adalius Thomas bitching. His words will carry weight.

Moss' departure signals a return to the Patriot Way in Foxboro. Brady made sure five different receivers had catches in Monday's win at Miami. Moss had one pass thrown to him. One. The Patriots championship years were all about T-E-A-M, doing whatever it takes to win. It certainly wasn't about one player whining about his deal. If players complained, they were shown the door. Last year, The Hoodie put up with AD. Now, he has looked at the offense, along with the younger players, and decided the Pats were better off without Randy Moss. Now it's very clear that the Flying Elvii have regained form of team first. What remains to be seen is if the offense can function at a high enough level to keep the pressure off the young defense.

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