Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mobil1 Sponsors Tony Stewart

Stewart-Haas Racing announced that Mobil1 has agreed to sponsor the #14 Chevrolet, driven by two time champion Tony Stewart. In making the announcement, Smoke said "ExxonMobil has been a part of motorsports for over 30 years now. They're very committed to excellence and winning. And we're very excited to announce that we signed a multi-year deal with Mobil 1 to be on the No. 14 Chevrolet as a co-sponsor with Office Depot. So very excited about the opportunity to work with Mobil 1 and have a partner that is so committed to not only the brand marketing but at the same time making our cars and our program better and giving us a better opportunity to win. So very excited about that."
Tony Stewart at the announcement of Mobil1 sponsorship for his #14 team.

In just his second year of ownership, Stewart has landed a significant sponsor that will help stabilize his #14 team for many years to come. "To have a company of this caliber believe in Stewart-Haas Racing and believe in our program and what we're trying to accomplish, personally, it feels great for me. Just having their confidence and their support and knowing that we have a partner that has such a great ability to make our program that much better is exciting. It's an exciting time for us." Stewart noted.

It wasn't lost on Stewart how important a signing like this is, given the economic conditions that currently exist in NASCAR. " know, this is still a series that doesn't stop, no matter how bad the economy is." he said. "These teams are going to push forward and there's partners obviously like Mobil 1 that know how important not only NASCAR racing is, but racing is in general to their product. So it brings a lot of pride knowing how hard the economy is right now and how tough the times are to be able to bring Mobil 1 into Stewart-Haas Racing and hopefully the comfort that they've given us at this time of the year with helping us with our partnership, hopefully we can return that favor to them."

Office Depot will remain as co-sponsor.

Credit: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for Speed Communication

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