Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tom Brady's women : Tale of the Tape

Since Tom Brady's locked up Gisele Bundchen, I thought I do a little comparison. We'll tally it up, to see if Tommy's made the correct choice. After all, "in Bill we trust", not "in Tom we trust".

Bridget Moynahan
Born : 4/28/70
Birthplace: Long Meadow, Mass.
Height : 5'9
Career : Actress, model
Highlights: Sex and the City (didn't see it), I-Robot, Coyote Ugly (she's not), Sum of all Fears, Lord of War, Grey Matters
Intangibles : Fertility. Born in Mass., likely to be a Pats / Red Sox fan. Successful career in acting and modeling.
Linked to : Colin Ferrell, Scott Rosenberg

Gisele Bundchen
Born : 7/20/80
Birthplace : Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Height : 5'11
Career: model, entrepreneur
Highlights : According to, played pro volleyball. Supermodel du jour. Is the face of many advertising campaigns, including Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren and Versace.
Intangibles: #1 earning supermodel, over $33m, bigger star than Tom, the latest "It" girl.
Linked to: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Slater
Analysis: Gisele is the hottest woman on the planet right now. She out earns The Chosen One by a lot, as Tommy is somewhere in the $8-10m range. His 6 year deal he signed in 2005 was for $60m. I was unable to find Bridget's earnings, but some website had her at $1-5m per picture. That's not exactly loose change. While Bridget is older, Bundchen's cosmopolitan ways may make her wiser beyond her years. Only Tom knows that. Bridget did name the baby John Edward Thomas (J.E.T.), showing she clearly understands the sports scene in the northeast. Even if Gisele is the hottest 'ubermodel', Moynahan is prettier. Both are successful in their own right, Gisele more so. How much is enough? Both are wildly sexy. (Did you click the link for Grey Matters? ) To me, the odds of building a stable family life are higher with the Mass. born Moynahan than they are with the globe trotting supermodel. I think Tom got this one wrong, and should have stayed with Bridget.

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  1. Bridget was hot.. not anymore.Post a current pic of her-you'll see what I'm saying. Very hot in her coyote days, now, pushin 40,you see why tommy boy moved on. Giselle still has 5-6 years of very hot left in her. Brazilian sex-bomb over the boston girl for sure.
    Douchebag made a good choice.


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